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Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Tibetan Male Wood Horse Year [2014-15]

Rigpa Tibetan Calendar 2014-2015

 A Tibetan lunar calendar for the Wood Horse Year 2141 (March 2, 2014 - 2015) with corresponding Western dates.

The new Rigpa calendar diary for the Tibetan new year, or Losar, 
which starts in March 2014. 
Includes Buddhist anniversaries and special practice days.

The popular Rigpa diary is filled with the usual features: prayers for auspiciousness and to remove obstacles, anniversaries of masters of all the Tibetan lineages, holidays from many countries, and much more. 

This year’s calendar features the 84 Great Mahasiddhas or great tantric masters of India and also includes:

- Anniversaries of masters of all Tibetan Buddhist traditions
- Color photos of lamas and lineage masters
- Color photos of Thangkas
- Prayers
- Special practice days including tsoks
- Full and new moons
- Eclipses, solstices and equinoxes
- Days when Nagas are awake
- Days not to hang new prayer flags
- Favorable and unfavorable haircutting days
- Holidays and festivals from many countries
- Christian, Islamic, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish holidays and festivals

So what's the meaning of all this dates ?

 In Conversation with Thupstan Shanfan

 Astrology has always been a very important aspect of the culture of Ladakh 
pre-dominantly among the Buddhist community. 

“From the time a person is born till the time he is dead, the word of an astrologer is sought.”

But the art and education in this field is vanishing gradually with the modern invasion in Ladakh.

Thupstan Shanfan is one of the well known astrologers of Ladakh and he is practicing it since 63 long years. 

Born in a small village called Saspotse, his interest in astronomy has led the 72 year old to be one of the most sought after man in the Buddhist community of Ladakh. 

He has been running a small shop but famous shop for around 42 long years where you will find all the important religious things, most importantly traditional calendar made by him where you will find every big/small happenings of the future. 

He has also written few books out of which Das Tsris (Astrology) is the most important one.    

Read the full interview following the link down below ...

 By Reach Ladakh Correspondent | AP Business Writer 4:53 AM CST, Saturday, January 18, 2014
What's about the male/female years ?

What does wood mean?

And the horse ?

And the rituals ?

Losar Guide for Celebrating New Year

And the food?

New year pastries are collectively called "Khapse":

Recipe: How to make tibetan Losar pastries


Recipe: Fancy Tibetan Losar Khapse called "Bulug"

Why 2014 is a special year for Kailash?

The reason that Horse year becomes so sacred in Tibetan society is that lord Buddha who born, enlightens and passed away in the year of Horses.

So, these special occasion makes a year that a person can gain infinite merits by pilgrimaging and doing good things.

Moreover, one circumambulation around the sacred mountain (Mt Kailash) 

also equals to
13 times of circumambulation. (*)

Hence, some thousands of Tibetans Buddhists, Bons, Hindus and Jains will be attend the special occasion in 2014.

Due to the specialness of the year, all the people in Tibet will consume less meats and adapt more vegetables than usual.

Harming less during horse year is going be a huge merit or good-deed for everyone.



(*) Usually one enters the "Inner Kora" after completing 13 "Outer Koras" only !

Tibetan New Year  - Wood Horse Year 2141
International Dzogchen Community
Practice Calendar

Losar 2141 – 1st day / 1st month

Tibetan New Year - Wood Horse Year 2141

This is the 1st tibetan month (Earth-male- Dragon) of 2141. This month, days 4 and
27 are missing and the day 7 is double.

The first 15 days of the year celebrate the 15 successive days on which, in order to increase the merit and aid the devotion of future disci- ples, the Buddha displayed a different miracle.

Very good calendar this one, very auspicious,
lots of important dates & details (!)

Oh-Oh ! O-le.



... to be continued  soon !


Thomas Wilden
Mask Dances of Ladakh & Zanskar

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