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Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Shashukul Gustor & Stongde Gustor, 5.-6.th July 2012

Shashukul Gustor (Changtang), July 05-06 2012

Stongde Gustor (Zanskar), July 05-06 2012 (?)

Please check the dates locally, since the dates of festivals in remote areas of Zanskar and Changtang might be changed due to auspicious/inauspicious dates, absence of Head Lama and similar reasons WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE.

Knowledge in Ladakh, e.g. Leh, especially in the Tourist Offices is poor, so try to find a local of the places who definetely knows the festival, goes there himself or at least has friends and/or family in the villages who can confirm the festival dates.

make sure to check, double & triple check BEFORE YOU GO. Otherwise you might spend a lot of time & money in a remote area ONLY to find out that there is NO FESTIVAL taking place.

Still you can then enjoy the drive, landscape and scenery around you which are spectacular in themselves in the Zanskar & Changtang regions.

Don't forget to take the neccessary permits (and enough photocopies) for Changtang, since Shashukul at least lies in the restricted areas near Panggong Lake and the chinese border.

For Zanskar you only need to bring your passport to show at the different check-points coming close to the border regions with Pakistan.


Thomas Wilden
Mask Dances of Ladakh & Zanskar (Project)

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