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Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

The Story of King Gesar of Ling

Film on 'Ling Gyalam Kesar' to be released on Losar 2012

The shooting of the first ever film on the epic story of Ling Gyalam Kesar,
produced by Angchok Changla Durbuk and Dorjay Stakmo, is going on in Leh.

The film is directed by Padma Shree Morup Namgyal and Dorjay Stakmo
and is expected to be released on the eve of 'Losar', the Ladakhi New Year.

Versatile singer Dorjay Stakmo, informed that he has sung more than
800 Ladakhi songs.

The singer has also directed two Ladakhi films - "Eddches" and "Tse-sem Tangpo".

Director Morup Namgyal, who is also acting in the Film, said that there are
18 episodes in Ling Gyalam Kesar's story.

"Out of 18 episodes, I remember 12 episodes, listened to from my grandparents
when I was a child", he said.

It is pertinent to mention that in the olden days, elders used to narrate the stories
of Ling Gyalam Kesar to the children.

The stories were so lengthy that sometimes it takes months together to
complete an episode.

Author & Rights of the article above by By Murup Stanzin, Leh, July 13, 2012):

Coypright of Pictures above by Thomas Wilden (2012)

King Gesar (Himalayan Art)

Gesar Norbu Dradul: A Single Painting Depicting the Forms of Gesar According to the Writings of Mipham Gyatso. (See Gesar Main Page).

The example of a single painting with many forms of Gesar is very important for the study of Gesar iconography because it follows exactly the textual descriptions as written by Mipam Jamyang Namgyal Gyatso (1846-1912). The forms of Gesar depicted in this composition are some of the best known and most popular in the 20th century religious practice and in the artistic representations - painting and sculpture.

Text above taken of the the publication From the Treasury of Tibetan Pictorial Art: Painted Scrolls of the Life of Gesar. Editor-in-Chief, Zhang Changhong. Forward by Leonard van der Kuijp. Article by Jeff Watt. Sichuan Museum, 2012. ISBN: 978-7-101-08513-6).

published by http://www.himalayanart.org/image.cfm/46001.html

Publication: From the Treasury of Tibetan Pictorial Art, Painted Scrolls of the Life of Gesar
July 18, 2012 · No Comments

A new publication highlighting a set of eleven paintings depicting the life story of Gesar has been published by the Sichuan Museum of Chengdu, China. The large format coffee table style art book has full page images of the eleven paintings along with inummerable details of each. The text is primarily in Tibetan and Chinese language with three English language articles by prominant Western scholars. The well known R.A. Stein article in French on the Gesar painting set has been translated into English and Chinese. Dr. Amy Heller discusses the historical and art historical context and HAR Director and Chief Curator Jeff Watt contributed an article on the art and iconography of Gesar.

From the Treasury of Tibetan Pictorial Art: Painted Scrolls of the Life of Gesar. Sichuan Museum. Editor, Zhang Changhong. June 2012. ISBN 978-7-101-08513-6.


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