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Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Contributing author at "Japan Camera Hunter" by Bellamy Hunt

Camera sales, camera geekery and photography talk

To make people realize that film cameras are the business.

Here we can talk about cameras, photography and anything else in between.
Come and join the discussion. Share the passion.

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My contribution

I like the site and have been following Bellamy's post for some time now.

Since Bellamy was looking for contributing authors to his weblog and I do photography mostly when I travel we decided this is something that we could work on.

Perhaps some pieces about travelling and photography, or organizing my workflow
whilst on the road.

Basically something that we all, myself included, would like to read on Bellamy's site.

This suits me as well, blogging on this site "Mask Dances of Ladakh & Zanskar" just
about these topics, e.g. the regions of Ladakh, Zanskar, Nubra and Changtang as well
as about Street-Photography on one of my other my weblogs "Serendipity at work" at http://serendipity-at-work.blogspot.de/.

So, hopefully not to far into the future we might join forces and you will be able to
welcome me as a contributing author on "Japan Camera Hunter" for the benefit of
all of us photographers, writers, bloggers, in short "hunters and gatherers". ;-)

So far the short announcement for this time.

Enjoy your life

Thomas Wilden

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