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Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

International Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh 4-9th September2012

The week-long celebration of the International Festival of Buddhist heritage of Ladakh, will be held from September 4-9 at the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre Leh, Ladakh, India in collaboration with Nava Nalanda Maha Vihara, a deemed university based in Nalanda, Bihar, a state of India. The main objective of this festival is to propagate, preserve and promote the noble teachings of the Buddha, Buddhist Meditation and Yoga. It also focus on promoting the richness, depth and pageantry of ladakh’s centuries-old culture, traditions. Its culture heritage, performing arts and folk heritage of world-wide appreciation and enjoyment. There will be interaction session with the folk artist of other Buddhist countries.

The 7-day festival will also provide an opportunity for the scholars to reflect on the teachings of the Buddha and its relevance in the contemporary world’s issues and challenges. Besides there will be cultural shows on the inaugural day as well as on the concluding day depicting the lifestyle and cultural ethos of a people who have lived for centuries on the crossroads of Asia, receiving and harmonizing socio-cultural and religious influences from their neighbouring societies. The performing artists will showcase the traditional folk songs in pure traditional attire and its gradual move to the modern world.

Ladakh is renowned world over for its unbroken ancient Buddhist heritage and this festival is being planned to coincide and partner the annual Ladakh Festival, organized every September by J&K Tourism Board. The International Festival of Yoga and Meditation held in September 2011 was path

breaking in many aspects and attraced great participation and appreciation of both national and international visitors. By expanding the perimeters to include ethnic heritage, Buddhist healings, Buddhist art, Buddhist cinema and Photo exhibition on Ladakh. There shall be cultural tour to various destinations in Ladakh has been arranged by from 7th to 9th Sept., 2012 as part of festival for all those interested participants to provide an insight in the rich living cultural heritage of the region.

It is hoped that the festival will evolve as an annual event to showcase not only the cultural heritage of Ladakh but also to promote the understanding of shared Buddhist heritage among countries with strong Buddhist tradition mainly in far East and South East Asia.

It is with immense pleasure that I humbly request your goodself to grace the occasion, as a special Guest from 4th -7th September, 2012 at our campus at Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Leh, Ladakh.

Further details are in the files attached.


Festival Program

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Bhikkhu Sanghasena
(Founding President)

So far I am just providing the information above for your interest.


Thomas Wilden

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