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Samstag, 28. August 2010

Time of the Skeleton Lords

Time of the Skeleton Lords
Sacred Tibetan Chants, Mantras and Music

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Author(s) : Tashi Lhunpo Monks
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Published : 2010
Category : Audio: CDs Pujas and Chanting
Due September 2010. A follow up CD to Dawn Till Dusk. The Skeleton Lords (or Durdak) are Tibetan deities, guardians of the cemetery, who serve to remind humans that death can come at any time. Buddhist practitioners are urged to meditate on the inevitability of death in order to smooth the passage through the bardo.

This new album was recorded on location in Bylakuppe, southern India, and features sacred Tibetan prayers and music marking the great cycle of life, death and rebirth.


  1. Local "Folk-Lore" about the bdur-bdags,

    when visiting the cham-festivals in Ladakh i am usually joining the locals (with my camera) sitting in one of the first rows of spectators on the ground near the dance ground.

    This is one of the main reasons why the atsaras are using me sometimes to make some fun with the foreigner for the amusement of the ladakhi local spectators and onlookers.

    And herewithin lies the first myth and folklore.

    If an atsara hits you on the head with his stick, it is a very un-auspicious symbol and the local people say, that you will die in the next year.

    BUT luckily enough, i am still sitting in the first row when the bdur bdags are appearing and by also making fun throw tsampa on the head of foreigners and local spectators alike.

    This again, i was told when i was comnplaining one day about me and my camera equipment being totally covered in tsampa, is a very auspicious symbol, i could be lucky because it is a sign for a long and happy life to be blesses in this way by the Lords of the Cemeteries.

    So far, my own experiences with the bdur-bdags, especially during the festivals in winter time.

    Thomas Wilden
    Koblenz / Germany

  2. hi again,

    at the moment available with 15% discount.


    maybe someone wants to write a review about it ?
    i do like the cover but so far i dont know anything about the music ;-)